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4 Simple Tips on Getting Feedback from Your Employees

fastsurvey : August 13, 2013 6:43 pm : resources

Employee surveys are a good way to find out how your employees feel. They are great for getting feedback and insight into what your employees are thinking, for finding ways to improve working situations and to help them feel as though they are actually part of the organization.

How do you know if your employees are happy and enjoying their jobs? Do they feel empowered? Is their morale lower or higher than it was last year? These are all questions that an employer needs to ask in order to make sure that there is a enjoyable, healthy and productive working environment.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that your next survey is effective and has a positive impact.

1. Be honest and open with you staff. Let them know that you intend on conducting a survey and let them know why you want to do so. Be sure to let them know what the purpose of the survey is, it helps to make them feel that they are important to the business.

2. It is very important that top management is involved in every part of the survey. They need to be committed to the running of the survey as well as making decisions based on the results. If management is not prepared to be involved, it could result in the staff feeling as though their opinions do not matter. This will in turn cause the staff to not be willing to take part in the future.

3. You need to keep the surveys short and sweet. It needs to be easy for your employees to fill out and should not take more than 20 minutes to complete. By making sure that it is not too long, you will get more valuable information from your employees. Open ended questions should be kept to a minimum, as they are hard to qualify and take time to fill out.

4. Share the results of the survey with your staff. There is nothing worse for a staff member that has filled out a survey and not gotten any feedback with regards to the results. It makes it seem as though you have something to hide from them. When the survey has been completed, you need to be ready to share the results with your employees, no matter what the outcome. You could discuss certain issues in detail in focus group meetings with your staff in order to get the best results from them in the future.

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How to Maximize Your Results

Taking action is one of the most important part of the survey. It is the best way to ensure that there are positive improvements. Praise your staff for things that they have done right and communicate the need to improve on the areas that concern you. You cannot expect your staff to know that they are not performing up to standard if you do not let them know this. Be open and honest with your staff, they will appreciate it and be more willing to please you at the end of the day.

Include your staff in the decision making process. It does not mean that you have to do everything that they suggest, but it shows that you value their opinions and who knows, they might come up with some great ideas that you did not think about before the survey was conducted. This will ensure that there are no hick-ups with the next survey.

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